Junhyeung Kim

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It is common practice to fold pressure-time diagrams of compressors into pressure-volume diagrams because the latter are of special thermodynamic significance. For example, the enclosed area represents piston work. The folding is accomplished utilizing knowledge of the top dead center position and kinematic relationships of the compressor. It was found that(More)
We have experimentally studied the transient velocity overshoot dynamics of photoexcited carriers in GaAs for electric fields as great as 200 kV/cm. Time domain waveforms proportional to the velocity and the acceleration of carriers have been acquired? respectively, from guided and free-space radiating signals which contain terahertz frequency components.(More)
An expert system is developed for compressor valve designs. The system, comprised of two part:s: evaluates existing designs and recommends direct.ions for design improvement, The design analysis and evaluation part rates valve designs based on important design criteria for compressor performance and reliability. A uniquely structured data base and design(More)
Titanium alloy exhibits an excellent combination of bio-compatibility, corrosion resistance, strength and toughness. The microstructure of an alloy influences the properties. The microstructures depend mainly on alloying elements, method of production, mechanical, and thermal treatments. The relationships between these variables and final properties of the(More)
A theoretical case study is presented where various valve, discharge and suction cavity parameters of a prototype reciprocating compressor were varied to study the resulting efficiency changes of the compressor. The paper presents and illustrates one way simulation can be used for design improvements. For this particular prototype, it turned out that(More)