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An updated revision of Oriental Dryinidae is presented. Seven subfamilies, 20 genera and 368 species are treated. Eight new species are described: Aphelopus zonalis Xu, Olmi & He, sp. nov. (China, Hainan); Anteon zoilum Xu, Olmi & He, sp. nov. (China, Yunnan), Anteon zonarium Xu, Olmi & He, sp. nov. (China, Yunnan), Anteon zopyrum Xu, Olmi & He, sp. nov.(More)
Topic models have been widely used in discovering latent topics which are shared across documents in text mining. Vector representations, word embed-dings and topic embeddings, map words and topics into a low-dimensional and dense real-value vector space, which have obtained high performance in NLP tasks. However, most of the existing models assume the(More)
routing failure problem seriously declines the stability and working efficiency of P2P network. We find less routing failure are caused by malicious attacks, but most routing failure result from several reasons, such as high join/leave rate of nodes, inhomogeneous distribution of nodes, and performance deference among nodes. The paper proposed an improved(More)
Collaborative filtering (CF) aims to build a model from users' past behaviors and/or similar decisions made by other users, and use the model to recommend items for users. Despite of the success of previous collaborative filtering approaches, they are all based on the assumption that there are sufficient rating scores available for building high-quality(More)
As the Internet is a lack of effective information management tools, adopting a classification markings on the Internet for information management, and has designed a hierarchical structure of the security labels Protection measures, an analysis of management at different levels in the framework of a number of key technologies and security tag technology.(More)
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