Junhua Duan

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Social insect colonies present a highly structured social organization with the fact that they can accomplish complex tasks in spite of the simplicity of their individuals. Swarm intelligence receives high attention in recent years. Stigmergy is an important mechanism for swarm intelligence. This article deliberately studies animal swarm intelligence and(More)
In this paper, a new network topology control mechanism is proposed to improve routing path duration in Aeronautical ad hoc network, which can effectively decrease the probability of routing path breaks in the process of nodes high-speed moving, and be integrated with existing routing protocols used in Ad hoc network smoothly. The main principle of topology(More)
The hierarchical architecture of an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) based service composition environment, Synchro ESB, is proposed in this paper. Synchro ESB is a rapid service application development platform grounded on the infrastructure of JBI specification-compliant distributed ESB. By introducing ultra server, Synchro ESB enables centralized management(More)
Many safety-critical embedded systems are subject to meet multiple sets of certification requirements from different certification authorities. The techniques from the traditional scheduling theory cannot be satisfactorily addressed the scheduling problems in such “mixed-criticality” systems. So some scheduling algorithms such as OCBP(Own(More)
Swarm Intelligence is applied to multi-agent system collaboration in order to improve the flexibility and adaptability of multi-agent system. According to the similarities between multi-robots pursuing and ants foraging, ant colony task allocation model is applied to multi-robots collaborative pursuing. Artificial potential method is introduced to ant(More)
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