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Soils were sampled in three types of wetlands from the young (A) and old (B) reclaimed regions of the Pearl River Estuary. They were analyzed for total concentrations of heavy metals to investigate their distributions and pollution levels in both regions. Results showed that most heavy metals in ditch and riparian wetlands did not significantly differ from(More)
In this study, the temporal and spatial trends of ten antibiotics belong to four different groups in aqueous and sediment matrices were investigated in the intertidal zone of Bohai Bay as a single object. The total concentrations of those antibiotics ranged from 41.53 to 222.43 ng L−1 and 7.71 to 130.36 ng g−1 in the surface water and sediment,(More)
Anthropogenic activities are substantially changing coastal wetland ecosystems globally. In developing countries such as China, a number of anthropogenic factors associated with rapid population growth and economic development threaten coastal wetlands. In China, notably, coastal wetlands have been increasingly lost to reclamations that are widely adopted(More)
Despite their value, coastal ecosystems are globally threatened by anthropogenic impacts, yet how these impacts are driven by economic development is not well understood. We compiled a multifaceted dataset to quantify coastal trends and examine the role of economic growth in China's coastal degradation since the 1950s. Although China's coastal population(More)
Sediments were collected from the upper, middle and lower reaches of both urban and rural rivers in a typical urbanization zone of the Pearl River delta. Six heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb and Zn) were analyzed in all sediment samples, and their spatial distribution, pollution levels, toxicity and ecological risk levels were evaluated to compare the(More)
Horizontal and profile distributions of nitrogen in marsh soils in different seasons were studied in a typical site within the Erbaifangzi wetland in Northeast China. Results showed that there was higher spatial heterogeneity for nitrate nitrogen (NO[Formula: see text]N) and ammonium nitrogen (NH[Formula: see text]-N), as well as available nitrogen (AN), in(More)
To investigate the spatial and seasonal variations of soil organic carbon (SOC) and total nitrogen (TN) contents and stocks in tidal salt marsh soils, 15 cores to a depth of 40 cm were collected in five sampling sites along a sampling belt during three seasons. Our results showed that higher SOC and TN contents occurred in the surface soils in three(More)
Contents of inorganic nitrogen (NH4(+)-N and NO3(-)-N) in soil profiles were measured in five typical zones ( including permanently flooded floodplain(B), 1-year floodplain (O), 5-year floodplain (F),10-year floodplain (T), and 100-year floodplain (H) )from Huolin River floodplain in Erbaifangzi, Jilin Province of China, in the soil-defrosted period (Mayof(More)
Copyright © 2013 Junhong Bai et al. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Wetlands are among the most important ecosystems on earth and functioned as the " kidneys " of the earth,(More)