Junhong Bai

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Despite their value, coastal ecosystems are globally threatened by anthropogenic impacts, yet how these impacts are driven by economic development is not well understood. We compiled a multifaceted dataset to quantify coastal trends and examine the role of economic growth in China's coastal degradation since the 1950s. Although China's coastal population(More)
Surface soils (0–20 cm) were collected at five sampling sites along a 250-m sampling zone perpendicular to a tidal creek in the T. chinensis wetland of the Yellow River Delta of China in June, August and November of 2007 and April of 2008. Soils were assessed for the spatial and temporal distributions of metals (As, Ni, Cr, Zn, Pb, Cd and Cu) and the(More)
Anthropogenic activities are substantially changing coastal wetland ecosystems globally. In developing countries such as China, a number of anthropogenic factors associated with rapid population growth and economic development threaten coastal wetlands. In China, notably, coastal wetlands have been increasingly lost to reclamations that are widely adopted(More)
Changes in the sources and sinks of soil organic carbon (SOC) and total nitrogen (TN) in wetland soils as indicators of soil quality and climate change have received attention worldwide. Soil samples were collected in 2007 and 2012 in the coastal wetlands of the Yellow River Delta and the SOC and TN were determined to investigate a five-year change in their(More)
Little information is available on As contamination dynamics in the soil-plant systems of wetlands. Total arsenic (As) in soil and plant samples from Suaeda salsa and Phragmites australis wetlands was measured in the Yellow River Estuary (YRE) in summer and autumn of 2007 to investigate the seasonal changes in As concentrations in different wetlands. The(More)
A field experiment was conducted on three different water levels and four salinity levels to investigate the effects of water level and salinity on the total sulfur (TS) content of marsh soil in the Yellow River Delta of China. The total sulfur content of surface and subsurface soils from incubated soil cores were measured under different water and salinity(More)
Soil profiles were collected in three salt marshes with different plant species (i.e. Phragmites australis, Tamarix chinensis and Suaeda salsa) in the Yellow River Delta (YRD) of China during three seasons (summer and fall of 2007 and the following spring of 2008) after the flow-sediment regulation regime. Total elemental contents of As, Cd, Cu, Pb and Zn(More)
Soil nitrogen (N) mineralization in wetlands is sensitive to various environmental factors. To compare the effects of salinity and temperature on N mineralization, wetland soils from a tidal freshwater marsh locating in the Yellow River Delta was incubated over a 48-d anaerobic incubation period under four salinity concentrations (0, 10, 20 and 35‰) and(More)