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ISO 9001 is a standard for quality management systems while CMMI is a model for process improvement. If an organization that has achieved ISO registration wishes to improve processes continuously, CMMI can be a strong candidate because it provides a more detailed roadmap for process improvement. However, with respect to adopting CMMI in organizations that(More)
Perfect absorption (PA) of incident light is important for both fundamental light-matter interaction studies and practical device applications. PA studies so far have mainly used resonant nanostructures that require delicate structural patterning. Here, we realize tunable and broadband PA in the near-infrared region using relatively simple thin film(More)
We propose a general, easy-to-implement scheme for broadband coherent perfect absorption (CPA) using epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) multilayer films. Specifically, we employ indium tin oxide (ITO) as a tunable ENZ material, and theoretically investigate CPA in the near-infrared region. We first derive general CPA conditions using the scattering matrix and the(More)
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