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Ubiquitous computing environment pursues context-aware in order words personalized service by collecting contexts through sensors located over wide area and presenting the service automatically depending not on the user’s request but on the situations that are needed. But in order to provide the personalized service, contexts collected through(More)
Nowadays convergence of digital appliances meet both economic and practical demands of users. And current UI of the appliances not only provides interesting to users but also enhances convenience and accessibility. In this paper, we propose FRETEL (Face Recognition-Based Convergence Communicator with Internet Telephony) that is a new digital home appliance(More)
In general, the cryptographic operation in wireless devices which have low memory and low computing power causes the system overhead, so that it badly affects the performance of other tasks. Therefore, it is positively necessary to implement the security hardware which is dedicated to the cryptographic operation. Early researches about the security hardware(More)
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