Jungwook Seo

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Service-oriented architectures are increasingly being used as the architectural style for creating large distributed computer applications. This paper examines the provision of visualization as a service that can be made available to application designers in order to combine with other services. We develop a three-layer architecture: a client layer which(More)
We present a review of a stateful Web Service that manages networked instrumentation for Nanotechnology research on the Grid. The Web Service that we have implemented is based on WSResource Framework (WSRF) and WS-Notification and is designed especially for a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that can provide scientists with 1 nanometer resolution images.(More)
An important issue in the design of visualization systems is to allow flexibility in providing a range of interfaces to a single body of algorithmic software. In this paper we describe how the ADVISE architecture provides exactly this flexibility. The architecture is cleanly separated into three layers: user interface, web service middleware and(More)
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