Jungwoo Oh

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Well designed tunneling green transistor may enable future VLSIs operating at 0.1V. Sub-60mV/decade characteristics have been convincingly demonstrated on 8 " wafers. Large I ON at low V DD are possible according to TCAD simulations but awaits verification. V DD scaling will greatly benefit from low (effective) band gap energy, which may be provided by type(More)
We have demonstrated high mobility pMOSFETs on high quality epitaxial SiGe films selectively grown on Si (100) substrates. With a Si cap processed on SiGe channels, HfSiO<inf>2</inf> high-k gate dielectrics exhibited low C-V hysteresis (&#x226A;10 mV), interface trap density (7.5&#x00D7;10<sup>10</sup>), and gate leakage current(More)
c-MYC (v-myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homologue) is a transcription factor that plays important role in many biological process including cell growth and differentiation, such as myogenesis and adipogenesis. In this study, we aimed to detect MYC gene polymorphisms, their genotype frequencies and to determine associations between these polymorphisms and(More)
SUMMARY We have demonstrated high mobility MOS transistors on high quality epitaxial SiGe films selectively grown on Si (100) substrates. The hole mobility enhancement afforded intrinsically by the SiGe channel (60%) is further increased by an optimized Si cap (40%) process, resulting in a combined ∼100% enhancement over Si channels. Surface orientation ,(More)
To increase channel mobility beyond Si's physical limits, Ge is being intensively investigated as high- mobility channel material for potential high-speed circuit applications. Ge pMOSFETs have been demonstrated with an hole mobility enhancement by using stained or relaxed Ge-on-Si heterostructures. One of the issues, however, is the uncontrolled (normally(More)
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