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Spectrum sensing is a key function for a cognitive radio (CR) system. An analog-based multi-resolution spectrum sensing (MRSS) technique was proposed as a flexible, low-power, high-speed spectrum-sensing solution. In this paper, implementation issues of the MRSS technique are investigated, and the corresponding practical specifications are suggested. First,(More)
One of the most important functions of skins is to protect our bodies from microbes or pollutant sources. Skins containing physical substances serve as a physical barrier which protects our bodies from pathogens. A healthy skin contains a variety of antibacterial substances such as defensin, cathelicidin and psoriasin. However deep and wide burns cause the(More)
Autologous skin cell suspensions have been used for wound healing in patients with burns and against normal pigmentation in vitiligo. To separate cells and the extracellular matrix from skin tissue, most researchers use enzymatic digestion. Therefore, this process is difficult to perform during a routine surgical procedure. We aimed to prepare a suspension(More)
Gear systems are extensively employed in mechanical systems since they allow the transfer of power with a variety of gear ratios. So gears cause the inherent deflections and deformations due to the high pressure which occurs between the meshing teeth when transmit power and results in the transmission error. It is usually assumed that the transmission error(More)
Human skin allografts are one of the best temporary biological coverings for severely burned patients. Cryopreserved (CPA) and glycerol-preserved (GPA) allografts are the most widely used types. This study compared the allograft efficiency of both preservation methods under the same conditions. To simulate actual clinical conditions, we used a porcine wound(More)
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