Jungsik Choi

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Current memory system hierarchy consists of cache memory, main memory, and secondary storage. Each level in this hierarchy has a different access speed to tolerate the long latency of the lower level but supports a large capacity as a whole memory system. As new technologies introduce non-volatile memories powerful enough to close the performance gap of the(More)
Aggressive embedded processors are often equipped with general purpose cores and special purpose acceleration logics. In our paper, we consider a reconfigurable processor that consists of very long instruction word (VLIW) cores and coarse grained reconfigurable arrays (CGRAs). CGRAs are particularly used to enhance the performance by exploiting loop(More)
Various approaches have been proposed to develop effective methods to measure program similarity. Even commercial tools and freeware tools are available for measuring program similarity based on source code comparison. These tools are quite useful to handle small to middle scale software products, but limited for large scale software products. In addition,(More)
Recently, with the emergence of low-latency NVM storage, software overhead has become a greater bottleneck than storage latency, and memory mapped file I/O has gained attention as a means to avoid software overhead. However, according to our analysis, memory mapped file I/O incurs a significant amount of additional overhead. To utilize memory mapped file(More)
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