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Antimicrobial Activity of Alk(en)yl Sulfides Found in Essential Oils of Garlic and Onion
Alk(en)yl sulfides derived from S-alk(en)yl-L-cysteine sulfoxides in garlic and onion were chemically synthesized, and their antimicrobial activities were determined. Both garlic oil (GO) and onionExpand
Selective one-pot syntheses of Pt(II)-Cu(I) heterobimetallic complexes of 4,5-diazafluorenide derivatives.
Both the stepwise and one-pot syntheses of Pt(II)-Cu(I) hetero-dinuclear complexes using 4,5-diazafluorenide (L(-)) and 9-(2-(diphenylphosphino)ethyl)-4,5 (p)(-) as binucleating ligands are reported. Expand