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The tip-over terrain can be analyzed by using a support polygon which is determined by contact points between the mobile robot and the ground. If the intersection between the extended line of the resultant force acting on the robot and the ground plane is located inside the support polygon, the tip-over does not occur. Otherwise, the tip-over must occur.(More)
In this paper, we figure out the problems of existing wall estimation methods using a 2D sensor and propose a reliable wall estimation method using a RGB-D camera. First, a point cloud is obtained by the RGB-D camera, and a surface normal is calculated at each point. Next, planes such as floor, right and left planes are classified by angle thresholding of(More)
A ball tracking method is proposed by obtaining the ball and a cue direction of the user for billiard assistant system. The captured image is processed by using the following steps. Binarization of the image is done to extract a table, the ball and cue by separating channels using HSV model. Morphology is used to reduce a noise before applying a proposed(More)
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