Jungjin Lee

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The importance of post-production for stereoscopic 3D is increasing rapidly. In particular, depth manipulation is essential, as there are many situations in which the captured depth requires further adjustment. Nonlinear disparity mapping has been a popular choice for efficient depth manipulation. However, most existing work requires users to have a deep(More)
Cushing's syndrome is characterized by central obesity, fatigability, weakness, amenorrhea, hirsutism, edema, hypertension, impaired glucose tolerance, and osteoporosis due to excessive production of steroids. Cushing's syndrome is an important cause of secondary osteoporosis. Patients with Cushing's syndrome have a high incidence of osteoporotic fractures.(More)
This paper presents Rich360, a novel system for creating and viewing a 360° panoramic video obtained from multiple cameras placed on a structured rig. Rich360 provides an as-rich-as-possible 360° viewing experience by effectively resolving two issues that occur in the existing pipeline. First, a deformable spherical projection surface is utilized(More)
High-quality depth painting for each object in a scene is a challenging task in 2D to 3D stereo conversion. One way to accurately estimate the varying depth within the object in an image is to utilize existing 3D models. Automatic pose estimation approaches based on 2D-3D feature correspondences have been proposed to obtain depth from a given 3D model.(More)
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