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Images are the most common contents on the Internet for a long time. Lots of researchers have been studied to satisfy user demands for semantic visual recognition using low-level feature (such as color or texture) or keywords which were textual annotations but still challenging. Keywords in images give great evidence to identify what images are. Keywords(More)
Increasingly the need for protecting information from unauthorized access has lead to more attention in the field of information security. Access control mechanisms have been in place for the last four decades and are a powerful tool utilized to ensure security. In a real-time distributed computing environment, systems have to meet timing constraints for(More)
In a real-time distributed computing environment, security is critical to protect the system from unauthorized access especially since such systems are being used in time critical applications. Access control mechanisms have been introduced during the last several decades and have offered a basic and powerful means for enforcing security. In this paper, we(More)
BACKGROUND Waxy-grain sorghum is used in most of the commercial cereal products in Korea. Worldwide, three waxy mutant alleles have been identified in the sorghum germplasm, and DNA markers for these alleles have been developed to identify the waxy genotype. However, that detection method cannot be used to determine the proportion of waxy content in samples(More)
Transportation system management and traveler information systems evolve with the development of data communications and traffic simulations. Variety of roadside and mobile sensing platforms will be deployed to allow communication between vehicles with Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC). Traffic data received from moving vehicles will be(More)
CORSIM short for corridor simulation was developed and is maintained by the Federal Highway Administration. It is a microscopic simulation model designed for the analysis of freeways, urban streets, and corridors or networks. The model includes two predecessor models: FRESIM and NETSIM. FRESIM is a microscopic model of freeway traffic, and NETSIM is a model(More)
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