Junghwan Shin

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OBJECTIVE To examine the prevalence of mutations in spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA) genes in patients who were clinically diagnosed with multiple system atrophy (MSA). METHODS Genetic tests for SCA were performed in 302 of 528 patients who met the diagnostic criteria for MSA based on clinical features. Generally, when a patient had cerebellar symptoms or(More)
OBJECTIVES Several mechanisms have been purported to describe how mouthguards protect the orofacial complex against injury. As the properties needed for these mechanisms to be effective are temperature and frequency dependent, the specific aim of this study was to provide a comprehensive thermal characterization of commercial mouthguard materials. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES Contemporary mouthguard materials need to perform consistently over a wide range of possible temperatures (-20 to 40 degrees C). Therefore the specific aim of this study was to characterize commercialized mouthguard materials' properties and investigate the effect of temperature on these properties. METHODS Five commercially representative(More)
In this paper, we consider security aspects of network routing in a game-theoretic framework where an attacker is empowered with an ability for intrusion into edges of the network; on the other hand, the goal of designer is to choose routing paths. We interpret the secure routing problem as a two player zero sum game. The attacker can choose one or more(More)
We show an auction-based algorithm to compute market equilibrium prices in a production model, where consumers purchase items under separable nonlinear utility concave functions which satisfy W.G.S(Weak Gross Substitutes); producers produce items with multiple linear production constraints. Our algorithm differs from previous approaches in that the prices(More)
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