Junghun Kim

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Carotenoids are a class of diverse pigments with important biological roles such as light capture and antioxidative activities. Many novel carotenoids have been isolated from marine organisms to date and have shown various utilizations as nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals. In this review, we summarize the pathways and enzymes of carotenoid synthesis and(More)
BACKGROUND Retinoids are lipophilic isoprenoids composed of a cyclic group and a linear chain with a hydrophilic end group. These compounds include retinol, retinal, retinoic acid, retinyl esters, and various derivatives of these structures. Retinoids are used as cosmetic agents and effective pharmaceuticals for skin diseases. Retinal, an immediate(More)
The features of a mobile device already penetrate everyday life and support every moment in life. Mobile connection between people does not imply only communication way, rather it means a gateway to connect virtual world as well. In the present study, mobile device close a gadget recording everyday life named "Life diary". The life diary is embedded mobile(More)
BACKGROUND Isoprene, a volatile C5 hydrocarbon, is an important platform chemical used in the manufacturing of synthetic rubber for tires and various other applications, such as elastomers and adhesives. RESULTS In this study, Escherichia coli MG1655 harboring Populus trichocarpa isoprene synthase (PtispS) and the exogenous mevalonate (MVA) pathway(More)
—Today, many of the research innovations in software visualization and comprehension are evaluated on small-scale programs in a way that avoids actual human evaluation, despite the fact that these techniques are designed to help programmers develop and understand large and complex software. The investments required to perform such human studies often(More)
To investigate the current quality control status of raw materials in “Ssanghwatang”, a widely used oriental formula effective for fatigue recovery in Korea, 1024 samples of 9 herbs available in Seoul area markets were collected, and the contents of quality inspection items such as total ash, acid-insoluble ash, loss on drying, and hazardous heavy metals(More)
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