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Keywords: Web browser forensics Integrated timeline analysis Search word analysis Restoration of deleted web browser information URL decoding a b s t r a c t A Web browser is an essential application program for accessing the Internet. If a suspect uses the Internet as a source of information, the evidence related to the crime would be saved in the log file(More)
As the device size decreases, the reliability degradation caused by soft-errors and multiple component error due to a single soft-error are becoming serious problems in VLSIs. In this study, we propose a method to synthesize single soft-error tolerant datapaths based on soft-error detection by duplication and comparison and correction by retry. Under the(More)
The LM-MIMO system will be able to transmit a multiplex data stream which used the single RF-chain is one to in then technique. Because LM has a single RF-chain, LM hardware complexity and cost is low than a conventional MIMO. This paper presents a design of LM-MIMO basic element, is verified by EM-simulation and experiment. The proposed LM-MIMO is possible(More)
The high-volume synthesis of two-dimensional (2D) materials in the form of platelets is desirable for various applications. While water is considered an ideal dispersion medium, due to its abundance and low cost, the hydrophobicity of platelet surfaces has prohibited its widespread use. Here we exfoliate 2D materials directly in pure water without using any(More)
— As semiconductor technologies have advanced , the reliability problem caused by soft-errors is becoming one of the serious issues in LSIs. In this paper, we propose a method to synthesize soft-error tolerant application-specific datapaths via high-level synthesis. The novel feature of our method is speculative resource sharing between the retry parts and(More)
The data rate between remote radio head (RRH) and baseband unit (BBU) in the distributed base station architecture is steeply increasing due to the new technologies such as multiple input multiple output (MIMO), coordinated multi-point (CoMP), carrier aggregation (CA) and multiband support. Compression of baseband signal is an efficient way to reduce the(More)
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