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Team Vision's goal is to create a navigation system for the blind. To achieve this, we took a multi-pronged approach. First, through surveys, we assessed the needs of the blind community and developed a system around those needs. Then, using recent technology, we combined a global positioning system (GPS), iner-tial navigation unit (INU), computer vision(More)
Zolpidem is usually used for the treatment of insomnia as a hypnotic drug. It was also suggested to be effective in the treatment of dystonia in some studies. A 74-year-old woman had been suffering from frequent and intense bilateral spasms of the eyelids for 20 years. She has been treated with botulinum toxin injection and taken some medications. But, she(More)
It is safe to say that computer vision holds great potential for providing a broad range of benefits to the blind in the foreseeable future. But despite the rapid advances in computer hardware and vision algorithms, robust, self-contained functional systems that can be used by the blind for 'identify-and-locate' tasks are not yet available. This paper(More)
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