Junghan Kim

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Malignant pheochromocytoma/paraganglioma (PCC/PGL) is defined by the presence of metastases at non-chromaffin sites, which makes it difficult to prospectively diagnose malignancy. Here, we performed array CGH (aCGH) and paired gene expression profiling of fresh, frozen PCC/PGL samples (n = 12), including three malignant tumors, to identify genes that(More)
operating temperatures and/or low external pressures. Out-gassing effects can be often found in cracks of solid surfaces or in small cavities of MEMS/NEMS structures. Outgassing can create a problem for the wafer-level packaging. Wafer-level packaging is essential for minia-turization and high-level integration in the semiconductor industry. It allows for(More)
This paper demonstrates a new substantive finding-kinetic property in advertising, defined as direction changes in the paths of moving on-screen ad elements, enhances consumer judgments of product novelty. Across six studies, we first outline an inference-based theory as to why the novelty-enhancing effect of kinetic property manifests – kinetic property(More)
In accordance with Communities of Practice(CoP) becomes highlighted as an effective method for knowledge sharing in Knowledge Management(KM), CoP has been used in many organizations strategically. Therefore, the needs of diagnosing knowledge sharing activities in CoP have been increased. Previous researches about CoP strategies, which are usually suggesting(More)
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