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The control algorithms used in high performance ac drives require the knowledge of rotor position and, in the case of speed regulation, also of speed. Since in many applications rotational transducers cannot be installed, their reconstruction is needed. The use of observers is stymied by the fact that the dynamics of electrical machines are highly nonlinear(More)
Normally, look-up table based methods are being utilized for loss minimizing control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSMs). But, numerous repetitive experiments are required to make a look-up table, and the program size becomes bulky. In this work, analytic methods of finding the loss minimizing solution are studied. Since the solution lies either(More)
Accurate measurement of phase current is crucial in a current-controlled permanent-magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) drive system. Current measurement error directly deteriorates torque control performance. This paper analyzes effects of the current measurement error on the phase current and the output voltage of the current controller. Based on the(More)
In the design of a parallel resonant induction-heating system, choosing a proper capacitance for the resonant circuit is quite important since both output-power maximization and capacitor heat loading should be considered. The temperature rise often blows up the water-cooled capacitors in high-power induction heaters or reduces the lifetime of capacitors(More)
Parallel operation of a fuel cell power generator is considered in connection with the power grid. For a smooth power flow control between the local fuel cell generator system and the power grid, we propose a connection topology along with a two degree of freedom (DOF) controller. The two DOF controller inherently contains the inverse dynamics of the plant(More)
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