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—Despite the surge in Vehicular Ad Hoc NETwork (VANET) research, future high-end vehicles are expected to under-utilize the on-board computation, communication, and storage resources. Olariu et al. envisioned the next paradigm shift from conventional VANET to Vehicular Cloud Computing (VCC) by merging VANET with cloud computing. But to date, in the(More)
Recently, smart grid, which is a newer generation of electricity supply network , is getting lots of attentions due to its huge benefits. One key component of the smart gird is an integrated communication network. To make the smart grid more dependable, it is extremely important to ensure that messages are exchanged over the communication network in a(More)
—Inspired by the dramatic evolution of VANET-clouds, this paper proposes a new VANET-cloud service called VWaaS (Vehicle Witnesses as a Service) in which vehicles moving on the road serve as anonymous witnesses of designated events such as a terrorist attack or a deadly accident. When confronted the events, a group of vehicles with mounted cameras(More)
Over years, cloud computing has been rapidly changing the shape of modern computing environment. The problem of how to keep the confidentiality of user data against malicious entities including a cloud service provider has been recognized as a significant issue. This problem becomes even more complicated if a data is shared among multiple users. Recently,(More)
—Conditional PRE (CPRE) is a novel public key primitive which enables the group sharing of confidential data without revealing its plaintext or decryption key to outside the group member. Previously, several efforts are made to facilitate CPRE in group data sharing in cloud environment. The main drawback of the state-of-art CPRE schemes for this purpose is(More)