Jungdong Jin

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In this paper, we present the design and implementation of real-time multiple object centroid tracking for gesture recognition. Our multiple object tracking design consists of four stages: preprocessing, local intensity accumulation, object observation, and particle filter. We implemented the proposed hardware architecture using Verilog Hardware Description(More)
In this paper, we propose a real-time vehicle detection system based on stereo vision system. Our system is composed of pipelined parallel processing techniques based on dedicated hardware architecture. The entire vehicle detection process, including histogram equalization, Canny edge detection, vehicle corner detection, vehicle region expansion, and(More)
Vehicle detection systems are increasingly important in providing vehicle road safety. However, many problems remain, such as a limit in the number of vehicles detected, false vehicle detection, and large processing time. Thus, we propose an efficient method for vehicle detection. This paper simulates vehicle detection using a rectified image and a(More)
Noise removal in image processing is required in a variety of fields such as object tracking, stereo vision and medical image reconstruction. To obtain accurate results, various video pre-processing is required. We propose a hardware architecture using FPGA to improve the processing speed with the Total Variation algorithm for noise removing images. In the(More)
Robots used in industry rely on complex and time-consuming programming, such as a teaching panel and offline programming. Different intuitive programming methods have been proposed to overcome this drawback. A method using a force/torque sensor is practical and has been used in several organizations. However, problems, such as precision, have to be overcome(More)
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