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Energy contour in a sentence is one of major factors that affect the naturalness of synthetic speech. In this paper. we propose a method to control the energy contour for the enhancement in the naturalness of Korean synthetic speech. Our algorithm adopts syllable as a basic unit and predicts the peak amplitude for each syllable in a word using a neural(More)
This paper reports a microfabrication-free approach to make hollow channel mass sensors by pulling a glass capillary and suspending it on top of a machined jig. A part of the pulled section makes simple contact with an actuation node and a quartz tuning fork (QTF) which acts as a sensing node. The two nodes define a pulled micro capillary tube resonator(More)
Microscale engineering technologies derived from the semiconductor and microelectronics industries provide new opportunities in biology to create and precisely control three-dimensional cell culture microenvironments in a physiologically relevant and organ-specific context. Here we review recent advances in the development of 'Organs-on-Chips' in which(More)
This study aimed to find the effects of 12-week chiropractic and lumbar exercise program on the lumbar muscle strength and Cobb's angle in 16 adolescent students with scoliosis. The patients with scoliosis did not have neurological symptoms and surgery experience. Each group of eight subjects received chiropractic and lumbar exercises three times a week.(More)
Since the invention of the atomic force microscope (AFM) three decades ago, there have been numerous advances in its measurement capabilities. Curiously, throughout these developments, the fundamental nature of the force-sensing probe-the key actuating element-has remained largely unchanged. It is produced by long-established microfabrication etching(More)
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