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An intrinsic uncertainty in particle mass sensing with the suspended microchannel resonator results from variation in a particle's position near the free end of the resonator. To circumvent this error we employ the second flexural bending mode. This mode exhibits additional frequency peaks while particles pass over the antinode, a point where the frequency(More)
Using suspended nanochannel resonators (SNRs), we demonstrate measurements of mass in solution with a resolution of 27 ag in a 1 kHz bandwidth, which represents a 100-fold improvement over existing suspended microchannel resonators and, to our knowledge, is the most precise mass measurement in liquid today. The SNR consists of a cantilever that is 50 microm(More)
This paper investigates the electrical and thermal response of the heated atomic force microscope (AFM) cantilevers in the frequency range from 10 Hz to 1 MHz. Spectrum analysis of the cantilever voltage response to periodic heating distinguishes different thermal behaviors of the cantilever in the frequency domain: the cantilever voltage at low frequencies(More)
Physical characterization of nanoparticles is required for a wide range of applications. Nanomechanical resonators can quantify the mass of individual particles with detection limits down to a single atom in vacuum. However, applications are limited because performance is severely degraded in solution. Suspended micro- and nanochannel resonators have opened(More)
This paper presents the design and application of microcantilever heaters for biochemical applications. Thermal lysis of biological cells was demonstrated as a specific example. The microcantilever heaters, fabricated from selectively doped single crystal silicon, provide local resistive heating with highly uniform temperature distribution across the(More)
This article describes tapping mode atomic force microscopy (AFM) using a heated AFM cantilever. The electrical and thermal responses of the cantilever were investigated while the cantilever oscillated in free space or was in intermittent contact with a surface. The cantilever oscillates at its mechanical resonant frequency, 70.36 kHz, which is much faster(More)
Energy contour in a sentence is one of major factors that affect the naturalness of synthetic speech. In this paper. we propose a method to control the energy contour for the enhancement in the naturalness of Korean synthetic speech. Our algorithm adopts syllable as a basic unit and predicts the peak amplitude for each syllable in a word using a neural(More)
Since the invention of the atomic force microscope (AFM) three decades ago, there have been numerous advances in its measurement capabilities. Curiously, throughout these developments, the fundamental nature of the force-sensing probe-the key actuating element-has remained largely unchanged. It is produced by long-established microfabrication etching(More)
Dissipation of mechanical energy underlies the sensitivity of many nanomechanical devices, with environmental effects often having a significant effect. One case of practical relevance is the interaction of elastic beam resonators with fluid, which is known to dramatically increase energy dissipation. Recently, we investigated energy dissipation in a(More)