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Fault injection plays a critical role in the verification of fault-tolerant mechanism, software testing and dependability benchmarking for computer systems. In this paper, according to the characteristics of software faults, we propose a new fault injection design pattern based on the PIN framework provided by Intel company, and develop a PIN-based dynamic(More)
Test suite reduction is to find a subset of the test suite containing a minimal number of test cases that can satisfy all test requirements. Test suite reduction techniques attempt to remove redundant test cases. Existed minimal set selection methods cannot guarantee the optimality of representative sets obtained. This paper adapts the Quine-McCluskey(More)
This paper investigates the controller designing for disturbance decoupling problem DDP of singular Boolean control networks SBCNs. Using semi-tensor product STP of matrices and the Implicit Function Theorem, a SBCN is converted into the standard BCN. Based on the redundant variable separation technique, both state feedback and output feedback controllers(More)
People are experiencing an evolution of smart cities. Building a smart city will enhance economic competitiveness, social cohesion, and quality of life of its citizens. But smart cities accumulate and process large amount of files, which raises security and privacy concerns at individual and community levels. In the case of file sharing in smart cities,(More)
In this paper, we study the set stabilization of Boolean networks (BNs) under pinning control strategy. First, the algebraic expression of BN is obtained by using semitensor product of matrices. Based on the algebraic expression, we give a method to choose pinning nodes, and achieve set stabilization by controlling these selected nodes. A matrix is further(More)
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