Jung-yeol Oh

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This paper proposes a new efficient FFT architecture with structured pipeline for OFDM systems, based on radix-2/sup 4/ algorithm. The pipeline architecture with the new algorithm has the same number of multipliers as that of the radix-2/sup 2/ algorithm. However, the multiplier complexity could be reduced by an amount of above 30% by means of replacing a(More)
This paper proposes the modified radix-2/sup 4/ and the radix-4/sup 2/ FFT algorithms and efficient pipeline FFT architectures based on those algorithms for OFDM systems. The proposed pipeline FFT architectures have the same number of multipliers as that of the conventional R2/sup 2/SDF and R4SDC. However, the multiplication complexity and the ROMs for(More)
In this paper, we propose a data compression scheme for high-speed optical front-haul links between BBU(Baseband Unit) and RRU (Remote Radio Unit) in the mobile communication system. The proposed method can compress the transmitted data about 4 times while meets the requirement of the specification according to the performance degradation characteristic(More)
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