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SUMMARY Recently the effect of the angular spread caused by locally scattered signals in the vicinity of the mobile has received considerable attention. This paper proposes the Extended Array Mode Vector (EAMV) which represents the Instantaneous Angular Spread (IAS) as well as the Instantaneous Direction Of Arrival (IDOA) of the received signal at the Base(More)
Hydrologic and water quality models are increasingly used to determine the environmental impacts of climate variability and land management. Due to differing model objectives and differences in monitored data, there are currently no universally accepted procedures for model calibration and validation in the literature. In an effort to develop accepted model(More)
Vessels exhibiting abnormal navigation patterns (e.g., weaving in and out of courses or rotating in the same position) may have a serious impact on other vessels staying on normal courses. For this reason, ground VTS centers are keeping track of criminal vessels or damaged vessels in tandem with marine police. However, the number of available studies aimed(More)
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