Jung-ran Park

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Social tagging, as a recent approach for creating metadata, has caught the attention of library and information science researchers. Many researchers recommend incorporating social tagging into the library environment and combining folksonomies with formal classification. However, some researchers are concerned with the quality issues of social annotation(More)
Analysis of sociointerpersonal communication patterns among discourse participants is essential to understand the manifestation of and the interpersonalcommunication features realized in online social interaction. The linguistic politeness theory provides an effective framework for such an analysis of sociointerpersonal communication features employed by(More)
Social tagging is a major characteristic of Web 2.0. A social tagging system can be modeled with a tripartite network of users, resources, and tags. In this paper, we investigate how to enhance Web clustering by leveraging the tripartite network of social tagging systems. We propose a clustering method called “Tripartite Clustering” which clusters the three(More)
Chaga mushroom (Inonotus obliquus) has continued to receive attention as a folk medicine with indications for the treatment of cancers and digestive diseases. The anticarcinogenic effect of Chaga mushroom extract was investigated using a model system of gap junctional intercellular communication (GJIC) in WB-F344 normal rat liver epithelial cells. The cells(More)
In this paper, we propose a new probabilistic generative model, called Topic-Perspective Model, for simulating the generation process of social annotations. Different from other generative models, in our model, the tag generation process is separated from the content term generation process. While content terms are only generated from resource topics,(More)
This study assesses the current state of responsibilities and skill sets required of cataloging professionals. It identifies emerging roles and competencies focusing on the digital environment and relates these to the established knowledge of traditional cataloging standards and practices. We conducted a content analysis of 349 job descriptions advertised(More)
The goal of this project is evaluation of the current status of semantic mapping between cataloger-defined field names and Dublin Core metadata elements across digital image collections and identification of the most frequently occurring incorrect and null mappings. A pilot study has been conducted comparing and analyzing 20 digital image metadata templates(More)