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Petersen-Torus Networks for Multicomputer Systems
In this paper, we propose and analyze a new interconnection network, called Petersen-torus (PT) network based on well-known Petersen graph. Petersen graph is the graph with the most desirable networkExpand
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Three-dimensional Petersen-torus network: a fixed-degree network for massively parallel computers
  • Jung-hyun Seo
  • Computer Science
  • The Journal of Supercomputing
  • 1 June 2013
A two-dimensional (2D) Petersen-torus network is a mesh-class fixed-degree network designed using a Petersen graph, which has a maximum of 10 nodes when the degree is 3 and the diameter is 2 in aExpand
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One-to-One Embedding between Honeycomb Mesh and Petersen-Torus Networks
As wireless mobile telecommunication bases organize their structure using a honeycomb-mesh algorithm, there are many studies about parallel processing algorithms like the honeycomb mesh in WirelessExpand
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Embedding Algorithms for Bubble-Sort, Macro-star, and Transposition Graphs
Bubble-sort, macro-star, and transposition graphs are interconnection networks with the advantages of star graphs in terms of improving the network cost of a hypercube. These graphs contain a starExpand
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Preparation of blue-emitting CaMgSi2O6:Eu2+ phosphors in reverse micellar system and their application to transparent emissive display devices
Abstract Blue-emitting Eu 2+ -doped CaMgSi 2 O 6 phosphors were prepared by the reverse micelle method. The resultant particles were nanocrystalline with a grain size of about 2+ ions. By using theExpand
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The hierarchical Petersen network: a new interconnection network with fixed degree
Network cost and fixed-degree characteristic for the graph are important factors to evaluate interconnection networks. In this paper, we propose hierarchical Petersen network (HPN) that isExpand
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Node Mapping Algorithm between Torus and Petersen-Torus Networks
In this paper, it was proven that Torus T(5m,2n) might be embedded into Petersen-Torus PT(m,n) at dilation 5, congestion 5, and expansion 1. It was also proven that Torus might be embedded in PT at 3Expand
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One-to-All Broadcasting in Petersen-Torus Networks for SLA and MLA Models
In a network, broadcasting is the dissemination of a message from a source node holding a message to all the remaining nodes through a call. This letter proposes a one-to-all broadcasting algorithmExpand
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Node Mapping Algorithm between Hypercube and Petersen-Torus Networks
In this study, it was proven that hypercube interconnection network whose degree increases with increased dimensions might be embedded into PT network whose degree is fixed. Hypercube Q log 2 n2+3Expand
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