Jung Young Cho

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α(4) and β(7) integrins, such as α(4)β(1), α(4)β(7), and α(E)β(7), are major integrins required for migration of leukocytes into mucosal tissues. The mechanisms responsible for coordinated expression of these three integrins have been poorly elucidated to date. We report that expression of the Itg-α(4) subunit by both CD4(+) and CD8(+) T cells requires the(More)
The title compound C(20)H(20)O(4)S, is polymorphic. In the tetra-gonal form, the mol-ecule lies on a crystallographic twofold axis, while the monoclinic form has only approximate C(2) mol-ecular symmetry. The greatest excursion from C(2) symmetry is in the orientation of the two phenyl rings; at 100 K, one of the rings is rotated -37.2 (3)° and the other by(More)
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