Jung-Yeol Yeom

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A new silicon photomultiplier has been fabricated for fast timing applications. This new silicon photomultiplier, called 'fast SPM', is fabricated with a third terminal that has a much lower output capacitance. An N-on-P type ('MicroFM') and a prototype P-on-N type ('B-proto') have been tested for their energy and timing performance. Energy resolutions of(More)
Precise timing resolution is crucial for applications requiring time-of-flight (ToF) information such as ToF positron emission tomography (PET). Silicon photomulipliers (SiPM) for PET, with their high output capacitance, are known to require custom preamplifiers to maximize timing performance. In this paper, we prove that simple alternative front-end(More)
A power MOSFET linearizer is proposed for a high-voltage power amplifier (HVPA) used in high-frequency pulse-echo instrumentation. The power MOSFET linearizer is composed of a DC bias-controlled series power MOSFET shunt with parallel inductors and capacitors. The proposed scheme is designed to improve the gain deviation characteristics of the HVPA at(More)
In optoacoustic (photoacoustic) systems, different echo signal intensities such as amplitudes, center frequencies, and bandwidths need to be compensated by utilizing variable gain or time-gain compensation amplifiers. However, such electronic components can increase system complexities and signal noise levels. In this paper, we introduce a double-Gauss lens(More)
We present a scalable, cost-effective, and compact high voltage (HV) distribution design for a system that requires many HV channels for photodetector biasing. A digital-to-analog converter (DAC) with a 100 V output range is floated with its reference at -1800 V, providing outputs between -1800 V and -1700 V. As a consequence, the DAC control and power(More)
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