Jung-Yang Kao

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The H.264/AVC video coding standard 7 variable block sizes in interframe coding (ranging from 16×16 to 4×4) The motion estimation with 7 modes needs very high computational complexity We propose a new and fast motionestimation algorithm • Based on partial block distortion for sorted significant features − Bit-plane − Absolute difference of means (ADM)
In this paper, there is provided a method for packing a bitstream of scalable video coding (SVC). We use the SVC extractor to perform bitstream extraction and allocation, and employs non-uniform cutting instead of the SVC standard's uniform cutting[1]. First, a birstream is obtained, wherein the bitstream has a plurality of frames and each frame has a base(More)
This paper proposes a method to address the computation load and memory access frequency problems during interpolation for video processing (coding or decoding). The motion compensation process in video processing is computationally intensive and takes considerable computation time of the system, while the interpolation step in the process incurs the(More)
In this paper we use the SVC standard to design an automatic decision-making mechanism that will determine the most appropriate allocation of a multi-layer video bitstream and generate a bitstream extraction signal in accordance with the state of the bitstream parameters. It can also use an extractor to perform bitstream extraction and allocation, and(More)
The encoding of vector quantization (VQ) needs expensive computation for searching the closet codeword to the input vectors. In order to reduce computation burden, Pan et al. have developed an efficient full-search-equivalent algorithm by using the characteristics of the sums and variances of a vector and its two fixed subvectors recently. However, some(More)
In this paper, a high-speed H.264 encoder based on a digital signal processor (DSP) is proposed. In order to speed up the process of inter prediction module in H.264 video standard, a fast inter mode decision algorithm (FIMDA) is proposed in this paper. According to the observation of inter prediction mode of any MB and those of its neighbouring blocks from(More)
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