Jung-Woon Lee

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The instrumentation and control (I&C) systems in nuclear power plants (NPPs) collect signals from sensors measuring plant parameters, integrate and evaluate sensor information, monitor plant performance, and generate signals to control plant devices for a safe operation of NPPs. Although the application of digital technology in industrial control systems(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Neointima is considered a critical event in the development of vascular occlusive disease. Nectandrin B from nutmeg functions as a potent AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activators. The present study addressed whether nectandrin B inhibits intimal hyperplasia in guide wire-injured arteries and examined its molecular mechanism. (More)
Orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) has been chosen as the radio transmission technology for future 4G wireless networks. One important reason for this choice is that OFDMA offers various forms of diversity (time, frequency, space, etc). These diversity dimensions can be used to provide channels with reduced variance and hence more(More)
OBJECTIVES To quantitate apoptosis and Fas antigen expression of T lymphocytes by activation in aplastic anemia (AA) and compare with that of normal controls and completely-recovered AA, and to investigate the apoptotic sensitivity to anti-fas antibody of activated T lymphocytes in AA. METHODS We studied the expression of Fas antigen on fresh T(More)
−γ-AlO(OH) sol solution was prepared by aluminum isopropoxide as an initial material. γ-Al2O3 membrane on the α-Al2O3 support was continuously made through coating and thermal treatment from the γ-AlO(OH) sol. Previous work [Yoo et al., 1997] has shown that the aging stage in the sol preparation process mainly affects the characterization of γ-Al2O3(More)
Digital technologies have been applied recently to the I&C systems of nuclear power plants. According to this application, cyber security concerns are increasing in nuclear facilities as in IT industries and other process industries. Many reports and standards are issued for cyber security in industrial control systems. Nuclear regulatory requirements based(More)
As the interest in hydrogen energy is being increased, it is a widely issue to develop a lot of hydrogen technologies in the field of production, storage, transportation, application and others. In the aftermath, there is a hydrogen town in Ul San, which is expected to expand application fields of hydrogen energy, as a demonstration project. The hydrogen(More)
Digital technologies have been applied recently to the I&C systems of nuclear power plants. Due to this application of digital technologies, cyber security concerns are increasing in the nuclear industry. In this paper, the characteristics of I&C systems are described in terms of their differences from industrial control systems, and related nuclear(More)
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