Jung-Wook Shin

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Asthma is commonly described as an atopic disease in childhood, but some cases of this disorder do not fit this description. The aim of this study was to evaluate the frequency of atopy, asthma, and sensitization to house dust mites in children with allergic symptoms. This study was performed at the Severance Hospital of Yonsei University with patients who(More)
BACKGROUND We measured and assessed ways to reduce the secondary neutron dose from a system for proton eye treatment. METHODS Proton beams of 60.30 MeV were delivered through an eye-treatment snout in passive scattering mode. Allyl diglycol carbonate (CR-39) etch detectors were used to measure the neutron dose in the external field at 0.00, 1.64, and 6.00(More)
Double scattering-based proton therapy systems often use patient-specific range compensators for beam modulation. Range compensators adjust the depth in the tissue at which protons reach their Bragg peak. Accurately representing range compensators in Monte Carlo particle transport simulations is a vitally important problem for clinical treatment planning.(More)
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