Jung-Won Lee

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—Efficient service description and modeling methodologies are essential for dynamic service composition to provide autonomous services for users in ubiquitous computing environments. In our previous research, we proposed a 'u-service' ontology which is an abstract and structured concept for device operations in ubiquitous environments. One of the problems(More)
This paper proposes a new feature extraction method for automatically detecting pathological voice in a normal conversation scenario. Unlike conventional approaches that utilize the static harmonic-to-noise ratio (HNR) characteristics of sustained vowel, the proposed method considers the dynamic movements of articulatory organs depending on the types of(More)
To provide dynamic services for users in a ubiquitous environment, an efficient context-aware service discovery mechanism is essential. Most of current researches are focused on composing services which satisfy pre-defined service specifications, by checking the availability of the devices and finding services that satisfy the user's preference. In this(More)
—This paper proposes an efficient feature extraction method for automatic diagnosis systems to detect pathological subjects using continuous speech. Since continuous speech contains slow and rapid adjustments of vocal mechanisms which relate to initiations and terminations of voicing, the proposed algorithm utilizes both localized temporal characteristics(More)