Jung Won Kwak

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Rosamicin is one of the important macrolide antibiotics that has clinical efficacy and broad-spectrum antibacterial activity. Using a mutant strain of Micromonospora rosaria (NRRL 3718), a chemically defined medium was developed, and some fermentation conditions that are important to rosamicin biosynthesis were optimized to achieve rosamicin productivity of(More)
The Korea Invisible Mass Search (KIMS) collaboration has been carrying out WIMP search experiment with CsI(Tl) crystal detectors at the YangYang Underground Laboratory. A successful reduction of the internal background of the crystal was done and a good pulse shape discrimination was achieved. We report the first result on WIMP search obtained with 237(More)
The aim of this study is to develop a new method to align the patient setup lasers in a radiation therapy treatment room and examine its validity and efficiency. The new laser alignment method is realized by a device composed of both a metallic base plate and a few acrylic transparent plates. Except one, every plate has either a crosshair line (CHL) or a(More)
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