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This paper provides a general diversity analysis for joint CDC and channel coding based space-time-frequency codes (STFCs) is provided. The mapping designs from channel coding to CDC are crucial for efficient exploitation of the diversity potential. This paper provides and proves a sufficient condition of full diversity construction with joint 3-D CDC and(More)
Mining frequent patterns is an important task for knowledge discovery, which discovers the groups of items appearing always together excess of a user specified threshold. A famous algorithm for mining frequent patterns is FP-Growth which constructs a structure called FP-tree and recursively mines frequent patterns from this structure by building conditional(More)
Many approaches have been proposed for mining frequent pattern. However, either the search space or memory space is huge, such that the performance for the previous approach degrades when the database is massive or the threshold for mining frequent patterns is low. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for mining frequent patterns. Our algorithm only needs(More)
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