Jung-Tang Huang

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OBJECTIVE There are still controversies about the surgical benefits for elderly lung cancer.The aims of this study were to assess impacts of aging for non-small cell lung cancer(NSCLC) following pulmonary resection. METHODS A retrospective study was undertaken for patients operated at a curative intent from January 1998 to October 2008. Patients were(More)
This study developed a method of detecting bioparticles such as Salmonella that exist in the biological samples. The method employed a substrate with interlaced comb-like electrodes into which the mixtures of biological samples and antibody-coated gold nanoparticles were added. The alternative signals with appropriate frequency bands were then conducted(More)
In this study, we developed an easy screening test that identifies Salmonella in 2 h after colony-print which is a procedure based on the transfer of surface cells of the colonies to a nitrocellulose membrane. Gold nanoparticles coated with the anti-Salmonella antibody were used to highlight the Salmonella spp. on the membrane to facilitate the selectivity.(More)
Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy is effective in treating various intra-abdominal malignancies. However, this therapeutic modality can only be performed during surgical operations and cannot be used repeatedly. We propose repeatedly noninvasive hyperthermia mediated by pegylated silica-core gold nanoshells (pSGNs) in vivo with external(More)
This study aims at developing a 3D device for catching, separating, and transporting bio-particles based on dielectrophoresis (DEP). Target particles can be simultaneously caught and transported using the negative DEP method. In non-uniform electric fields, the levitation height or complex permittivity of certain particle may be different from that of(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the anti-tumor effect and potential mechanisms of i.p. hyperthermia in combination with α-galactosylceramide (α-GalCer) for the treatment of ovarian cancer. In this study, immuno-competent tumor models were established using murine ovarian cancer cell lines and treated with i.p. hyperthermia combining α-GalCer.(More)
This paper demonstrated a novel computer controlled measuring center (CCMC) including multiple fully modular and functional measuring probes or instruments, a common multi-axis motion platform or probe station, a common digital image guiding device, and a common data acquisition and processing module. The device under test (DUT) is fixed in the fixture of(More)
Cloud computing service has become the newest application of the computer revolution. While many people still don't know much about the benefit of it, yet the techniques could be applied to one's life by bio-detection and open-software. Cloud-Computing helps provide the best efficiency for human beings, and it presents acquisition (user interface service),(More)
Commonly used in forming high aspect ratio structures, thick-layer polymers generally differ in surface uniformity due to relatively higher viscosity. This problem would become even worse along with the increase of substrate diameter. Non-uniform coated photoresist surface would cause bonding failure and dimensional error in advanced three-dimensional(More)