Jung-Suk Yoo

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Reaction of 2-adamantyl chloroformate under a variety of solvolytic conditions leads to 2-adamantyl chloride accompanied by solvolysis products, some with and some without retention of the CO(2) unit. For example, in 100% ethanol, only 4.8% 2-adamantyl chloride is formed with the mixed carbonate (88%) being the dominant product, and in 100%(More)
Development of an in situ technique for measuring electrochemical impedance spectra in real time during an electrochemical experiment is described. The technique is based on staircase voltammetry with relatively large step heights, in which a series of increasing potential steps are applied to an electrochemical system, and the resulting currents are(More)
We report a novel programmed potential sweep voltammetry for a much lower detection limit than those achieved by any other known electroanalyitcal techniques. In this technique, an input waveform is programmed such that the background current would become flat or any other predefined form in the potential region of interest where the peak current arising(More)
A new attempt to obtain electron transfer kinetic parameters at an electrified electrode/electrolyte interface using Fourier transform electrochemical impedance spectroscopic (FTEIS) analyses of small potential step chronoamperometric currents is presented. The kinetic parameters thus obtained allowed mass transport free voltammograms to be constructed in(More)
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