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Gliotoxin, a secondary metabolite produced by marine fungus Aspergillus sp., possesses various biological activities including anticancer activity. However, the mechanism underlying gliotoxin-induced cytotoxicity on human cervical cancer (Hela) and human chondrosarcoma (SW1353) cells remains unclear. In this study, we focused on the effect of gliotoxin(More)
Excess oxidant can promote inflammatory responses. Moreover, chronic inflammation accompanied by oxidative stress is connected various steps involved in many diseases. From the aspect, we investigated an antioxidant peptide to prevent inflammatory response against oxidant overexpression. To prepare the peptide, eight proteases were employed for enzymatic(More)
Shellfish contain significant levels of high quality protein and are therefore a potential source for biofunctional high-value peptides. To purify a novel anti-inflammatory peptide from Mytilus coruscus (M. coruscus), we applied enzymatic hydrolysis and tangential flow filtration (TFF) and investigated its nitric oxide inhibitory property. To prepare the(More)
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