Jung-Soo Han

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Regarding the software development, MDA (Model Driven Architecture) of OMG can be regarded as the concept of making an independently-designed model according to the development environment and language and reusing it according to the desired development environment and language by expanding the reusable unit into the software model when developing software.(More)
Applications based on the software as a service (SaaS) platform that integrate the content of libraries across the country for personal and enterprise users are needed in the future. SaaS–based literature content integration has not yet been done in Korea. Therefore, this paper presents a SaaS application that integrates and manages the content of public(More)
This study proposed a method of developing an intelligent recommendation system for automotive parts assembly. The proposed system will display the detailed information and the list components which make up the relevant part that an user wants through the database using the ontology when selecting an automotive part that an user intends to learn or to be(More)
Brain computer interface (BCI) is a technology that controls computers or machines using the thoughts or intentions of a person. EEG signal measured from the human scalp is reflected with thoughts and intentions of a person, and when using the signal processing technologies such as machine learning or pattern recognition, intentions of such users can be(More)