Jung - San Lee

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A central and persisting issue in educational technology is the provision of instructional environments and conditions that can comply with individually different educational goals and learning abilities. Instructional approaches and techniques that are geared to meet the needs of the individually different student are called adaptive instruction (Como &(More)
The purpose of the present study was to examine whether Baumeister’s escape from self theory may account for the pathological use of Internet games among Korean adolescents. A sample of 1,136 junior high school students completed measures assessing Internet game addiction (IGA), real-ideal self discrepancy, escape from self, current mood, peer(More)
The purpose of this study was twofold: 1) to examine website content provided by U.S. and Canadian pediatric dentistry residency programs, and 2) to understand aspects of program websites that dental students report to be related to their interests. Sixty-eight program websites were reviewed by five interprofessional evaluators. A thirty-six-item evaluation(More)
No matter where you stay, you must often notice a scenario that people stand in a queue in front of lottery vendors. This phenomenon has lasted out for centuries. Different from gambling, a lottery game is usually launched by the Government or a legitimate organization for gathering funds or raising charity finance. To enhance the convenience and popularity(More)
Intrusion detection is a detection of encroachment on the personal network or the private network to breach the security systems. This system provides analytical measures to gather information from various networks or computers to identify the cracks in the security systems caused by intruders. The sudden tremendous growth in the amount of internet users(More)
Historiographic discussions of the universality and regionality of science have to date focused on European cases for making regional science universal. This paper presents a new perspective by moving beyond European origins and illuminating a non-European scientist's engagement with the universality and regionality of science. It will examine the case of(More)
Argument Mutuality in "contact zones" has been emphasized in cross-cultural knowledge interaction in re-evaluating power dynamics between centers and peripheries and in showing the hybridity of modern science. This paper proposes an analytical pause on this attempt to better invalidate centers by paying serious attention to the limits of mutuality in(More)
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