Jung-Ryun Lee

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— Current power saving mechanisms in the IEEE 802.16e standard are not designed to take into account silent periods in VoIP traffic. Therefore, we propose a hybrid power saving mechanism (HPSM) suitable for VoIP services with silence suppression, which basically follows the power saving class (PSC) II during talk-spurt periods, but uses the mechanism of PSC(More)
—While the legacy power-saving mechanism in wireless networks usually uses a predetermined and fixed sleep interval to enhance the energy conservation of mobile stations, the IEEE 802.16e Mobile WiMAX system adopts a power-saving mechanism with a binary truncated exponent (BTE) algorithm for determining sleep intervals. Although the BTE algorithm allows(More)
— In this letter, a new energy-efficient medium access control (MAC) protocol applicable to IEEE 802.11 is suggested. The proposed adaptive beacon listening (ABL) protocol dynamically determines the beacon listening interval (BLI) of mobile station based on the pdf of the estimated round-trip time (RTT). Theoretical and simulation results for power(More)