Jung-Min Moon

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Hierarchical macro/femto-cell networks are considered as a promising technology for the improvement of indoor coverage and network capacity. In these emerging networks, handoff procedures for a mobile station moving from a macrocell to a femtocell should be provided to maximize the advantages of femtocells with respect to user satisfaction and system(More)
To improve indoor coverage and network capacity, the use of hierarchical macro/femto cell networks is regarded as the most promising approach. We present an efficient handoff algorithm to support the inbound mobility from macro cells to femto cells under the consideration of large asymmetry in the transmit power of the cells. Numerical analysis reveals that(More)
We propose a distributed medium access control (MAC) protocol called carrier sense multiple access with collision resolution (CSMA/CR) by extending the wireless CSMA/CD protocol. The proposed CSMA/CR protocol identifies a collision by additional sensing after data transmission starts. If one station detects a collision, it transmits a jam signal to stop the(More)
Coordinated transmission among multiple base stations (BSs) is widely considered as an efficient method to mitigate inter-cell interference in a multi-cell network. When all BSs in the network join the coordinated transmission by generating a common precoding matrix, the inter-cell interference becomes controllable. However, the complexity involved in the(More)
One of the important issues in hierarchical cellular networks is to assign a user to a proper cell. If the user is located in the overlapping area of a macrocell and a microcell, both cells can be candidates as a serving cell. Thus, a cell selection should be carefully performed to increase performance in view of users as well as networks. In this paper, we(More)
In this study, germanium nanowire junctionless (GeNW-JL) metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistors (MOSFETs) exhibited enhanced electrical performance with low source/drain (S/D) contact resistance under the influence of Ar plasma treatment on the contact regions. We found that the transformation of the surface oxide states by Ar plasma treatment(More)