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cAMP induces neuronal differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells via activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase/MAPK
Mesenchymal stem cells are able to trans-differentiate into nonmesodermal lineage cells. Here, we identified downstream signaling molecules required for acquisition of neuron-like traits byExpand
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Development of the main olfactory system and main olfactory epithelium-dependent male mating behavior are altered in Go-deficient mice
Significance Early studies indicated that two olfactory systems in mammals play distinct roles: The main olfactory system detects general odorants, and the accessory olfactory system detectsExpand
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Compartmentalization of protein kinase A signaling by the heterotrimeric G protein Go
Go, a member of the Go/i family, is the most abundant heterotrimeric G protein in brain. Most functions of Go are mediated by the Gβγ dimer; effector(s) for its α-subunit have not been clearlyExpand
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Simultaneous deletion of floxed genes mediated by CaMKIIα-Cre in the brain and in male germ cells: application to conditional and conventional disruption of Goα
The Cre/LoxP system is a well-established approach to spatially and temporally control genetic inactivation. The calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II alpha subunit (CaMKIIα) promoter limitsExpand
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The Establishing Test Method of Bactericidal Activity and the Evaluating of Korean Disinfectants/Sanitizers Efficacy
Bacterial suspension test was used to establish Standardization Test Method to investigate bactericidal activity of disinfectant/sanitizer product. Using acceptable verification methodology, testExpand
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Spatiotemporal Protein Atlas of Cell Death-Related Molecules in the Rat MCAO Stroke Model
Ischemic stroke and cerebral infarction triggered by the blockage of blood supply can cause damage to the brain via a complex series of pathological changes. Recently, diverse therapies have emergedExpand
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AKT-independent Reelin signaling requires interactions of heterotrimeric Go and Src.
Reelin, a large secreted extracellular matrix glycoprotein, plays a key role in neuronal migration during cortical development and promotes neuronal maturation. The signaling pathway regulatingExpand
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Mobile application of finger tapping task assessment for early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
A mobile application named HLTapper was designed for Android mobile phones to collect and assess real-time alternating finger tapping movement data such as mean tapping speeds, temporal variations ofExpand
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Trinucleotide Repeats Number in SCA2, SCA3, and SCA17 in Early-Onset Parkinson's Disease
Background: Abnormal expansion of trinucleotide repeats in genes causing spinocerebellar ataxias such as SCA2, SCA3, SCA8, or SCA17 was reported in sporadic or familial Parkinson’s disease. GeneticExpand
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