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Rate of Ground Cover and Weed Occurrence in Pepper Cultivation as Affected by Seeding of Ground Covers
This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of seeding of Vicia tetrasperma and V. hirsuta on the rate of ground cover as well as growth and yield of organic pepper plants in 2008 and 2009. AllExpand
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Distribution, Ecological Habits and Weed Suppressive Ability of Winter Annual Belonged to Genus Vicia in Korea
This experiment was carried out to evaluate the distribution, ecological habits and weed suppressive ability of winter annuls, genus Vicia in Korea. Among the tested four Vicia species, the mostExpand
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Identification on Weedy Lindernia (Scrophulariaceae) in Korea Based on Morphological Characteristics During Early and Middle Growing Stage
Seven taxa of the genus Lindernia in Scrophulariaceae (L. crustacea, L. procumbens, L. micrantha, L. verbenaefolia, L. dubia var. dubia, L. dubia var. major, and L. dubia var. anagallidea) based onExpand
Control of Cucumber Downy Mildew Using Resistant Cultivars and Organic Materials
Received March 30, 2018 Revised April 14, 2018 Accepted May 2, 2018 We selected eight resistant cultivars including ‘Heukryongsamcheok’, ‘Heukgeumsolsamcheok’ and ‘Gangryeoksamcheok’ showing highExpand
Identification of Major Broad Leaved Weed Seedlings Based on Morphological Characteristics
This study was conducted to develope identification method with major broad leaved weed seedlings. Characteristics of weed seedlings were investigated at two to four true leaf stage. QualitativeExpand
Growth of Vicia tetrasperma and V. hirsuta as Affected by Seeding Condition and Estimated N Production
This study was established to investigate the effects of seeding depth and seeding time on the emergence, growth, and N production of Vicia tetrasperma and V. hirsuta in 2007 and 2008. All seeds ofExpand
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