Jung Keun Suh

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Protein-protein interaction plays a critical role in biological processes. The identification of interacting proteins by computational methods can provide new leads in functional studies of uncharacterized proteins without performing extensive experiments. We developed a database for the potentially interacting domain pairs (PID) extracted from a dataset of(More)
Total excision is a treatment of choice in preventing the relapse of craniopharyngioma, but for tumors involving an extensive area, it is often associated with an increased risk of complications. We have performed a partial or subtotal tumor removal followed by repeated injection of bleomycin into the remaining tumor through a subcutaneous reservoir as(More)
With the recognition of the importance of computational approach for protein-protein interaction prediction, many techniques have been developed to computationally predict protein-protein interactions. However, few techniques are actually implemented and announced in service form for general users to readily access and use the techniques. In this paper, we(More)
OBJECT When performing surgery, the extraforaminal window is very narrow at the L5-S1 level. The authors describe a microsurgical method for decompression of the L-5 nerve root trapped between a marginal osteophyte of the vertebral body and the transverse process. The procedure was performed in 16 patients with extraforaminal stenosis. METHODS The cranial(More)
Aneurysms of the distal anterior cerebral artery (DACA) are rare and their surgical treatments present some unique difficulties from a technical standpoint. In this report, we presented our experiences of cases with DACA aneurysms, and analyzed the clinical features and prognostic factors affecting the final outcomes. Among 770 cases of intracranial(More)
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