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Oleanolic acid (3beta-hydroxy-olea-12-en-28-oic), a pentacyclic triterpenoid, exists widely in the plant kingdom and has a wide variety of pharmacological effects such as antitumor, antifungal, insecticidal, hepatoprotective and anti-HIV activities. This paper reports that oleanolic acid induces the aggregation of rabbit platelets, a mechanism was also(More)
—Detecting text regions in natural scenes is an important part of computer vision. We propose a novel text detection algorithm that extracts six different classes features of text, and uses Modest AdaBoost with multi-scale sequential search. Experiments show that our algorithm can detect text regions with a f = 0.70, from the ICDAR 2003 datasets which(More)
We have previously reported that green tea catechins displayed a potent antithrombotic effect by inhibition of platelet aggregation. In the present study, the antiplatelet and antithrombotic activities of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), the major catechin derived from green tea, were extensively investigated. EGCG inhibited arterial thrombus formation and(More)
Agents that stimulate glucose uptake and improve insulin resistance may be useful in the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM). Thus, the aims of this study were to assess the effects of aromadendrin, a flavonoid from Gleditsia sinensis Lam., on stimulation of glucose uptake and improvement of insulin resistance and to characterize the molecular(More)
Intake of Korean red ginseng (KRG, ginseng Radix rubra), rich in glycosylated saponins (ginsenosides), has been known to inhibit platelet aggregation in the normocholesterolemic condition. However, it is unclear whether KRG can attenuate hypercholesterolemia-enhanced platelet aggregation. This study examined whether the daily consumption of a KRG-water(More)
Beta-carboline alkaloids including harmalol, harmaline, norharmane, harmol, harmine and harmane are important constituents of the medicinal plant, Perganum harmala L. (Zygophylaceae), which has been used in traditional medicine. In the present study, the antiplatelet activities of six beta-carboline alkaloid compounds were investigated in vitro. At a(More)
The post cardiac injury syndrome is characterized by the development of a fever, pleuropericarditis, and parenchymal pulmonary infiltrates in the weeks following trauma to the pericardium or myocardium. According to previous reports, almost all cases develop after major cardiac surgery or a myocardial infarction. Recently, a few reports have described post(More)
Diet is one of the most important factors that influence the risks for cardiovascular diseases. Genistein, an isoflavone found in soy, may benefit the cardiovascular system. Here, we investigated the effect of genistein on platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF)-BB-induced proliferation of primary cultured rat aortic smooth muscle cells (RASMCs). Genistein(More)
PURPOSE To gain a better understanding of the roles of interleukins (ILs) in subconjunctival fibrosis, we investigated their expression in transforming growth factor-beta1 (TGF-beta1)-stimulated Tenon's fibroblasts and examined their association with the transdifferentiation of fibroblasts to myofibroblasts. METHODS After primary culture, fibroblasts(More)
The stimulation of glucose uptake into peripheral tissues is an important mechanism for the removal of glucose in blood and for the management of diabetes mellitus (DM). Since recent results have demonstrated the beneficial effects of flavonoids in relation to DM, this study was designed to examine the effects of 7-O-methylaromadendrin (7-O-MA), a flavonoid(More)