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Live births after vitrification of oocytes in a stimulated in vitro fertilization-embryo transfer program.
OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness of the vitrification method in clinical practice. DESIGN Clinical study of vitrification of human oocytes. SETTING A university-affiliated hospital. Expand
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Pregnancy after in vitro fertilization of human follicular oocytes collected from nonstimulated cycles, their culture in vitro and their transfer in a donor oocyte program.
This study describes the results with immature human follicular oocytes harvested from unstimulated ovaries, matured in vitro, fertilized, and transferred to an agonadal recipient. Two hundredExpand
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Pregnancies and deliveries after in vitro maturation culture followed by in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer without stimulation in women with polycystic ovary syndrome.
OBJECTIVE To improve the efficacy of an IVF-ET program for unstimulated patients with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) with the use of culture for oocyte maturation. DESIGN Prospective studies withExpand
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Association study of vascular endothelial growth factor polymorphisms with the risk of recurrent spontaneous abortion.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the association of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) polymorphisms (-2578C>A, -1154G>A, -634G>C, 936C>T) with idiopathic recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA) inExpand
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Chromosome and spindle configurations of human oocytes matured in vitro after cryopreservation at the germinal vesicle stage.
OBJECTIVE To investigate effects of cryoprotectant and cryopreservation on the chromosome and microtubule configuration of human immature oocytes. DESIGN Intact cumulus-enclosed immature oocytesExpand
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Improved human oocyte development after vitrification: a comparison of thawing methods.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the developmental competence of vitrified human oocytes thawed using two different methods to establish an effective cryopreservation protocol. DESIGN In vitro model study. Expand
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In vitro blastocyst formation of human oocytes obtained from unstimulated and stimulated cycles after vitrification at various maturational stages.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the developmental competence and chromosomal normality of oocytes vitrified at various times after maturation culture. DESIGN In vitro model study. SETTING AExpand
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Melatonin prevents cisplatin‐induced primordial follicle loss via suppression of PTEN/AKT/FOXO3a pathway activation in the mouse ovary
Premature ovarian failure (POF) is a major side effect of chemotherapy in young cancer patients. To develop pharmaceutical agents for preserving fertility, it is necessary to understand theExpand
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