Jung-Ja Kim

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Recently, a novel learning algorithm called extreme learning machine (ELM) was proposed for efficiently training single-hidden-layer feedforward neural networks (SLFNs). It was much faster than the traditional gradient-descent-based learning algorithms due to the analytical determination of output weights with the random choice of input weights and hidden(More)
This paper introduces a basic frame for rehabilitation motion practice system which detects 3D motion trajectory with the Microsoft Kinect (MSK) sensor system and proposes a cost-effective 3D motion matching algorithm. The rehabilitation motion practice system displays a reference 3D motion in the database system that the player (patient) tries to follow.(More)
The effects of pelvic asymmetry and idiopathic scoliosis on postural balance during sitting were studied by measuring inclination angles, pressure distribution, and electromyography. Participants were classified into a control group, pelvic asymmetry group, scoliosis group, and scoliosis with pelvic asymmetry and then performed anterior, posterior, left,(More)
In medical field, massive data sets is generated by rapid development of hospital information system. For analysis of these medical big data, this study showed analysis process of the clinical data to acquire significant information effectively between the foot disorder groups and biomechanical parameters related to symptom by developing a prediction model(More)
Snoring, a common symptom in the general population may indicate the presence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). In order to detect snoring events in sleep sound recordings, a novel method was proposed in this paper. The proposed method operates by analyzing the acoustic characteristics of the snoring sounds. Based on these acoustic properties, the feature(More)