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As the total amount of traffic data in networks has been growing at an alarming rate, there is currently a substantial body of research that attempts to mine traffic data with the purpose of obtaining useful information. For instance, there are some investigations into the detection of Internet worms and intrusions by discovering abnormal traffic patterns.(More)
This paper proposes a new trajectory clustering scheme for objects moving on road networks. A trajectory on road networks can be defined as a sequence of road segments a moving object has passed by. We first propose a similarity measurement scheme that judges the degree of similarity by considering the total length of matched road segments. Then, we propose(More)
This paper proposes an indexing technique for fast retrieval of similar subsequences using the time warping distance. The time warping distance is a more suitable similarity measure than the Euclidean distance in many applications where sequences may be of different lengths and/or different sampling rates. The proposed indexing technique employs a(More)
Exact match queries, wildcard match queries, and k-mismatch queries are widely used in various molecular biology applications including the searching of ESTs (Expressed Sequence Tags) and DNA transcription factors. In this paper, we suggest an efficient indexing and processing mechanism for such queries. Our indexing method places a sliding window at every(More)
In this paper, we propose an accurate and efficient method for approximate subsequence search in large DNA databases. The proposed method basically adopts a binary trie as its primary structure and stores all the window subsequences extracted from a DNA sequence. For approximate subsequence search, it traverses the binary trie in a breadth-first fashion and(More)
This paper addresses the problem of timestamped event sequence matching, a new type of similar sequence matching that retrieves the occurrences of interesting patterns from timestamped sequence databases. The sequential-scan-based method, the trie-based method, and the method based on the iso-depth index are well-known approaches to this problem. In this(More)
This paper addresses an approach that recommends investment types to stock investors by discovering useful rules from past changing patterns of stock prices in databases. First, we define a new rule model for recommending stock investment types. For a frequent pattern of stock prices, if its subsequent stock prices are matched to a condition of an investor,(More)